Prayer Guide for Daddy’s Mission Trip

Morning and night prayers for Dave, Summer, and Sadie

I am writing specific prayers for you guys based on what my activities for the day will be in Belize.  When you have your morning prayer time, and at night before you go to bed, please pray for the following things.  I love you all so much, and I miss you tons.  Knowing that you are praying for my days and nights will be a great encouragement.  Always know that when you pray for me, I am praying for you too.  And the best part is that we are both praying to the same God who is always with us both.


Friday morning:  When you wake up and do your quiet time, I will be flying over the Gulf of Mexico on the way to Belize.  Pray for us to have safe travels, and good weather.

Friday night: When you go to bed Friday night, pray that Daddy and our group will have gotten settled in our place and that we will have been able to make some friends as we get ready for our week.

Saturday morning: When you wake up and do your quiet time, I will be leaving our camp site and going to a village to do a VBS for the children there.  There will probably be 50 children.  Pray that we do a good job and that some of the children hear about God’s love for them and become Christians.

Saturday night: When you go to bed, Daddy will be in a village way out in the country of Belize called Harmonyville.  They don’t even have electricity there.  Saturday night we will be doing a Clothing Give Away with all of the clothes that were made by people at Poplar Springs.  Several hundred outfits and pairs of flip flops will be given to poor children.  Our Teaching Theme will be: Salvation is a free gift.  Jesus helps us take off the “old man” and put on the “new”, which is a gift of grace.  Pray that this goes well and that people understand that Salvation is a free gift from God.

Sunday morning:  We will be going to church, just like you. When you do your quiet time, pray that we get to share our faith in church and encourage other Christians there in Belize.

Sunday night: We will be going back to Harmonyville.  On that night Mr. Kevin Hudson will be doing a Martial Arts Presentation, letting children practice and do things like break a little wooden board with their fists.  Our Teaching Theme will be: With God all things are possible.  We all have a problem that we cannot fix for ourselves.  Sin separates us from God, and only God can break through.  All we have to do is believe. Pray that the children and parents understand and believe.

Monday morning: We have a free day, and Daddy will be driving to an old Mayan Ruin.  Like an old pyramid that was made thousands of years ago by Indians.  Mommy can show you pictures.  Google Xunantunich.  Pray we are safe as we travel.  I will bring you pictures.

Monday night: We will be preparing for our next event taking orphans to the zoo.  Pray that we prepare well, and that we have all the supplies we need for our ministry to the orphans.

Tuesday morning: When you are having your quiet time, we will be taking a group of orphans to a zoo in Belize.  These are children with no mommy or daddy, and who need to feel loved and know that they have a heavenly Father who loves them.  Pray they have fun and that we get chances to share the gospel with them.

Tuesday night: When you go to bed, pray for Daddy as I will be back in Harmonyville.  We will be showing The Jesus Film.  Our Teaching Theme will be: The life of Jesus is a display of God’s love for people.  For God so loved the world…  Pray that people understand how much Jesus loves them and decide to follow him.

Wednesday morning: When you have your Quiet time, we will be traveling to a community where we will spend time with handicapped children who are participating in Special Olympics.  Pray that they have fun with us and that we can encourage them to see that Jesus loves them no matter what their handicap is, and that nothing is impossible with God.

Wednesday night: We will have our final night in Harmonyville. On this night we will be having a colored bracelet give away. We have 500 bracelets with colored beads that tell the story of God’s love from creation, to sin, to death, forgiveness, and the promise of Heaven.  Our Teaching Theme: The big story of the Bible: from creation, to sin and separation, to Jesus and salvation, and the promise of Heaven.  Pray that people will understand the story of God’s love, and trust in Him for salvation.

Thursday morning we will be heading to catch a plane and come home!  Pray that we have safe travels!

Thursday night I will see you in person!  I love you!


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